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A tool to generate synthetic graphs embedded into a hyperbolic space.

Download the Hyperbolic Graph Generator v1.0.2

Hyperbolic Graph Generator execution times

We run the Hyperbolic graph generator on a 2.4 GHz Intel Core i7 machine and we report the execution times (in milliseconds) for multiple configurations. We consider a fixed average degree value equal to 10 and we vary the graph size (i.e. number of nodes), the expected power-law exponent (i.e. gamma), and the temperature value for the simulated annealing process. In our tests we choose the following combinations of parameters:

In all cases, the graphs is generated (and written to file) in less than 5 minutes.


Graphics above show results when gamma is finite, we generate Spherical RGG, Soft Spherical RGG, Erdos-Renyi graphs.


Graphics above show results when gamma is finite, we generate Hyperbolic RGG, Soft Hyperbolic RGG, and Soft Configuration Model graphs.

Authors and Contributors

The Hyperbolic Graph Generator software has been designed and implemented by Chiara Orsini (@chiaraorsini), and Rodrigo Aldecoa (@raldecoa).

Support or Contact

This work was supported by NSF Grants no. CNS-1344289, CNS-1442999, CNS-0964236, CNS-1441828, CNS-1039646, and CCF-1212778; DARPA grant no. HR0011–12-1–0012; Cisco Systems.

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